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Our company was established in 1997 in Derince, Kocaeli / Turkey. Our company initially started to its activities by marketing bee products and herbal products.

In the following years, with its wide product range, it has expanded its product and customer portfolio with its expanding marketing and sales network all over the country. Today, our company aims to bring a new breath to the sector by developing and producing its own products in the state-of-the-art production facility which has established in order to give the best quality products to its customers at the best price. All of our products are carefully prepared by our experienced personnel under the supervision of food engineers with high quality and reliable raw materials from leading suppliers in their business. All hygiene and cleaning conditions are provided from raw material supply to production plant stages and from here to the customer during the process, and it has become our principle to work on this subject without any compromise. We can proudly recommend and offer our products to our customers with the comfort of the heart of fulfilling all requirements.

In addition to creating a quality management system that organizes all its activities that affect its quality to reflect the quality understanding to its customers and production at the highest level, our company has entered into an effort to create a food safety system targeting ‘0 errors’ production and has chosen ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standard as its model as well as ISO.

As a result of our studies, our food safety system has been formed. Our system covers the basic principles of food safety, how activities towards reliable food production will be carried out and the responsibilities of our personnel to carry out the activities.


We are doing our business with the company we have established by giving a heart and paying attention to the customer. In this respect, it is our priority to be a company that makes the face of our customers happy at all times. By protecting the environment, we aim to continue our activities in order to be a company that prioritize the health of the customers and employees, by giving priority to our corporate responsibilities, respecting our environment, our employees and our customers.


The fulfillment of our company is process to avoid humantrial contributions and the protection of the protection materials and the hygiene in all production periods and our privilege is our priority. We guarantee that we will be able to cooperate effectively in our relations with our customers and suppliers, to fulfill our social responsibilities, to comply with the requirements of quality and food safety management systems, to ensure food safety and to control any potential hazards immediately. Our priority is quality, trust and health.

About Us

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